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Vol. 17, Issue 4 - Week of January 22, 2018

3 Common assumptions that kill your job searchAbridged: Fast Company

WASHINGTON, DC -- FALSE ASSUMPTION NO. 1: All The Best Job Opportunities Are Outside My Company -- Don't automatically assume this. There could be great opportunities right under your nose that you don't see! Network within. Ask your boss for bigger assignments, especially something with higher-level exposure. The more you broaden your sights within your company, the more opportunities you'll find.

FALSE ASSUMPTION NO. 2: Updating My Resume Is More Than Half The Battle -- To escape this trap, you need to recognize that your resume is maybe 10% of it. The real 90% is knowing yourself - your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and motivations, and how to talk articulately about those things. From there, it requires carefully targeting new opportunities and networking to get warm introductions to recruiters and hiring managers. In other words, a job search is a process, not an event. Give it time, and diversify your efforts.

FALSE ASSUMPTION NO. 3: The Best Jobs Will Come To Me -- The bad news here is that landing the job you really want takes longer than you think and involves a lot more effort. You can network in a way that uncovers opportunities that would never have landed in your lap otherwise. Look at the career paths of people you know with similar backgrounds. Where are they working now? Ask a former boss or colleague where they could imagine you working. Rinse, repeat.

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