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Vol. 17, Issue 3 - Week of January 15, 2018

Tips for staying positive while job searchingAbridged: The Balance

CHICAGO, IL -- Create a Daily Job Search Routine: Wake up early, take a lunch break, and end your job search activities before dinner. Creating a regular routine, and keeping your job search organized, will keep you focused and motivated. Find Time to Not Think About Your Job Search: Set aside time each day to forget about your job search and do something you enjoy, like going for a walk (exercise is an important way to de-stress!) or going to a movie.

Volunteer: Helping others is a good way to help you feel more purpose-driven. Find a volunteer organization that's related to your personal interests, or even to your career. Volunteer organizations also provide an opportunity for networking. Set Reasonable, Concrete Goals: At the start of each week, make a list of specific, manageable goals that you would like to achieve. By focusing on small, achievable goals, you will feel more accomplished throughout your job search.

Celebrate Small Victories: Focus on even the smallest wins. Be proud of yourself for getting a phone interview. Pat yourself on the back when someone comments positively on your blog post. Celebrating the small wins will help you focus on the positive. See Everything as an Opportunity: For example, think of each cover letter as the chance to hone your writing and editing abilities. Simply thinking of tasks as opportunities rather than chores will put you in a positive mindset.

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