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Vol. 17, Issue 2 - Week of January 8, 2017

Use your email signature to stand outAbridged: Sacramento Bee

SACRAMENTO, CA -- Leverage your signature. There are several elements you can adjust in your signature line to make your email professional and unique. For example, include your branding statement. Your statement is a combination of your skills, values, experience, how you stand out from peers in your industry. It should make clear what you bring to an employer that most people don't.

Don't have one yet? Don't just quickly write something up to put in your email signature. Take time to ensure your branding statement will properly represent your unique skill set while making your value to an employer clear. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile. If you have a personal website or an online portfolio, include them here as well. This will make it easy for the hiring manager to learn more about you.

List your email address and phone number. Make it easy for a hiring manager, recruiter or HR professional to get in touch with you. If they're checking your email on a phone or tablet, your email and phone number will appear as live links, making it easy for them to tap to respond or call you. Finally, prioritize which elements best represent you as a professional. Just because you can include all of these elements in your signature doesn't mean that you should. Having too long of a signature can also seem unprofessional and overwhelming.

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