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Vol. 17, Issue 1 - Week of January 1, 2018

Biggest job search mistakes made last yearAbridged: Glassdoor

NEW YORK, NY -- 1) Not following up: Craft a unique follow-up message for every recruiter you talk to. If you want to be a memorable candidate, following up with recruiters is a must - both before and after you submit your application. 2) Sending out a generic resume: You should absolutely tailor your resume to suit the company, industry, location, and other parameters of the role you are applying to. By only sending out one resume, you're selling yourself short.

3) Skimming the job description: Trying to save time when reading through job descriptions only costs you more time in the end. Avoid wasting time and energy by carefully reading the details of the job ad. 4) Skipping the cover letter: If a cover letter is asked for, always include it. And if a cover letter is optional, best to include it anyways. Anything that can set you apart from the competition and show your dedication will boost your chances of landing a job.

5) Not knowing your worth: You should also have an idea in your mind of what kind of pay you're looking for. Be prepared to negotiate a higher salary, in case the one you're offered isn't up to par. 6) Skipping your research: A well-informed candidate is always preferable to the alternative. If you haven't done your research, it's ultimately a waste - not only of the recruiter's time, but also of your own.

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