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Vol. 16, Issue 52 - Week of December 25, 2017

4 Tips to help you and your career resolutions Abridged: Monster

NEW YORK, NY -- Don't Keep it a Secret. Share it. The more people you tell, the more pressured you'll feel to hold yourself to your resolution. Telling other people holds you accountable to not just yourself but to others. This makes your resolution a team effort. With people keeping you on track you have a better chance of success.

Stay Grounded. Be Specific. Your success is contingent on whether your resolutions are realistic, which the best ones are. Resolutions should be something you can actually achieve - and will also challenge you. Set your goals and make them specific. The more specific, the easier it is to measure your success. Set Reminders. One of the biggest problems with keeping resolutions is remembering what you were trying to do. Set a calendar reminder for January 15 and for the first of each following month. Tracking your progress and setting mini goals throughout the year is a sure way of motivating yourself.

Be Flexible. Plan For Hiccups. Sometimes resolutions aren't as good of an idea as you originally thought. Life unfortunately cannot be planned sometimes. Don't fret or give up. There is no failure in modifying your resolutions to your new lifestyle. They should still be challenging but constantly modified so that they are attainable.

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