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Vol. 16, Issue 51 - Week of December 18, 2017

The future is temporary: what the gig economy means for youAbridged: Workopolis

BOULDER, CO -- Increased flexibility: There's been a shift in the perception of gig, contract, and freelance work. These temp jobs are no longer frowned upon. One of the biggest perks may well be that workers can often set their own hours to better manage time. But most importantly, they can work from wherever -- home, a coffee shop, a library.

A trickier career path: An article in Fast Company states that it's not only cheaper for businesses to hire staff on demand, it also creates more competition for talent. This results in an erosion of the classic career-path development, with companies favoring temp gigs that focus on harnessing and developing specific skills. The need for compromise: What some organizations refer to as flexibility is for others just a euphemism for under-employment. So, job seekers need to weigh their options.

While contract and freelance work offer the prospect of increased flexibility, the inherent job insecurity and uncertainty that comes with the gig economy can be difficult for some workers. However, for a growing number of people, having more control over work-life balance -- and being able to work from their kitchen table -- wins out. And since it looks like the gig economy is here to stay, workers need to figure out how much uncertainty they're willing to live with in order to put "free" back into freelance.

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