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Vol. 16, Issue 51 - Week of December 18, 2017

Tips to help get your 2018 job search startedAbridged: Entrepreneur Magazine

SEATTLE, WA -- Freshen up your resume. While you can still use your previous resume, you should update it so it includes new information, such as current work experience or any classes that you've taken since you last created your resume. Create a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for networking and job-seeking. If you haven't done so yet, create a profile. If you do have a profile, make sure that it has been updated with relevant information and a recent photo.

Use your current network. There's no shame in reaching out to friends, family, colleagues and even former co-workers when searching for a new job. They may know of a location that has an opening. If not, you can use them as a resource when applying. Network, network, network. Get your face out there as much as possible. Whether it's an industry event, alumni mixer or meet-up, there's no shortage of networking opportunities for you to use when on the job hunt.

Narrow your search down to find the right job. Make a list of positions or companies that you would want to work for. Don't sweat the small stuff. Mistakes are a part of life. Just remember that for all the negatives out there over your mistakes, there are just as many people rooting for you and backing you up as you own up to the mistake and fix it.

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