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Vol. 16, Issue 50 - Week of December 11, 2017

When job seekers talk the talkAbridged: American University

WASHINGTON, DC -- If you're a job seeker driving your friends and family crazy with job search conversations, a new study finds you're doing something right. New research found that people who talk about their job search with family and friends were more likely to stick to it. Should we talk?

The researchers found that job seekers who engaged in repeated and excessive talk about job search issues with friends and family were more likely to engage in job search activities including revising resumes, applying for jobs and seeking job leads from their network. Survey participants who avoided talking about their job searches were more likely to procrastinate.

Their findings suggest that some positive behaviors might result from an increased amount of sharing and talking about one's job search. It might be that any sense of urgency created by the repetitive discussions is overridden by the focus on understanding all about the job search and, as a result, potentially generating new ideas about the types of job search activities to be executed. It's important to understand that searching for a job, can benefit from some level of experience when sharing with one another. In fact, simply talking about one's job search experiences seems to help maintain a level of intensity in job search activities.

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