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Vol. 16, Issue 50 - Week of December 11, 2017

5 Ways to make your resume stand out in 2018Abridged: Brookdale Careers

BRENTWOOD, TN 1) Review Your Most Recent Accomplishments. Got a new title? Make sure to add that. If you've taken on new responsibilities add them. If you're having trouble remembering things to add, review your work emails, calendars, and which projects you worked on. Were they successful? If so, make sure they make it onto your resume.

2) Add metrics. Update your resume with numbers and statistics that pack a punch. If you beat your sales quota by 20%, get it on the resume! Showing how you moved the needle for your company (or previous companies) will help you stand out. 3) Get feedback from a recruiter. Find a recruiter or hiring manger in your industry to review your resume. Ask for honest feedback and tell them you take their advice very seriously and will update your resume based on their recommendations. Then do it.

4) Create an online resume, website or portfolio. This is especially true if you are in certain fields like marketing, design, sales, and web development. No matter your career, an online website or portfolio is a way to enhance your personal brand and wow potential employers. 5) Make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume match. You will be researched online. Trust us. Don't raise any red flags by having different titles or dates on your resume and your LinkedIn profile. After you finish updating your resume, use it to also update your LinkedIn profile.

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