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Vol. 16, Issue 50 - Week of December 11, 2017

Strategies to beat out more experienced competitionAbridged: FastWeb

WESTON, MA -- Work on the Employer's Terms: When economic times are tough, employers looking to fill entry-level positions tend to hear from more-experienced workers. While these candidates say they'll do anything to work again, employers have been burned by these people and they eventually ask for more money - or else quit. To beat out the competition, reassure employers you'll take an entry-level position on their terms. Tell them, "Even though I'm not going to know everything right away, I'm willing to be your trainee and work on your terms."

Stress Salary Flexibility: If you're a new grad, you haven't been working in the real world so most offers won't look like a pay cut. If anything, it'll be a pay increase. Because of that, you can tell employers you won't be looking to go somewhere else in three or six months. Get Experience: Somehow: If you have little or no work experience in your chosen field, you may have to make sacrifices in the short term and do whatever you can to gain experience, be it interning or volunteering.

Out-Market Competitors with a Career Portfolio: Sometimes, seasoned job candidates simply send out resumes and rest on their laurels. If you go beyond mere words by telling prospective employers you have a portfolio highlighting your education, skills and accomplishments, then you can sometimes be seen as a credible candidate by an employer, thus increasing your chances of competing with others who are more experienced.

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