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Vol. 16, Issue 49 - Week of December 4, 2017

3 Killer job interview questionsAbridged: Fast Company

WASHINGTON, DC -- What does success look like for new hires at the company? It's better to know even before day one what it would take to succeed in your position. This question gives the hiring manager a chance to spell out the qualities of high performers in the organization. Once you have a clearer picture of this, you can better demonstrate how those identified qualities are aligned with your work ethic, professional goals, and overall personality.

How would you describe the team and manager I'd be working with? Yes, getting a job is important, but it's even more important to work at a company where you're supported by a boss and colleagues who are proactive about helping you grow. Nothing has a bigger impact on your ability to develop and grow in a role than the amount of mentoring and focus you can get from your manager.

If offered the job, what would you recommend I do to get off to a great start? This question gives you intel on what it would take to stand out immediately. Asking this question helps the interviewer visualize you in the role. So in addition to getting yet another chance to reassure the interviewer why you're up for the challenges ahead of you, it's also a useful data-gathering opportunity. It allows you to determine where you would need development and provides you with advice toward that development - all in one response.

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