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Vol. 16, Issue 48 - Week of November 27, 2017

How to positively influence employers with social mediaAbridged: CIPHR

NEW YORK, NY -- You've probably read countless articles reiterating how damaging it is to post inappropriate content on social media. There's also just as many explaining the importance of making sure your security settings are correct and up to date. The flip side of this is that you can positively influence a prospective employers opinion of you too. By getting your messaging right and tailoring it specifically for roles you're interested in you can not only avoid being discounted but gain an advantage over other applicants.

Most employers are aware that 79% of talent use social media during their job search. As such they'll be making efforts to be where job seekers are, taking note of what's going on in the various communities. Sharing content relevant to the industry of the brand you're trying to engage with shows a common interest. If you create content, as well as curate it, then you can build your reputation as an expert, further improving your chances of getting noticed by employers and for the right reasons.

What your contacts are saying about you has a huge impact on an employers perception of your personal brand. Online recommendations and endorsements are very effective in this area and so is reaching out to industry experts, building a relevant following on social media and writing guest articles for industry publications. The more you involve yourself and contribute to your field, the more you'll get noticed by the right people, for the right reasons.

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