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Vol. 16, Issue 48 - Week of November 27, 2017

Not getting called for interviews? Investigate whyAbridged: Monster

SEATTLE, WA -- Your Resume and Cover Letter: Maybe your resume and cover letter aren't laced with mistakes, but if employers find even one or two errors, you're toast. And maybe your resume and cover letter are grammatically perfect, but they won't get you anywhere if they're not persuasive. Examples and specifics are crucial, as are an eye-pleasing design and details regarding your key skills and accomplishments.

The Jobs You're Applying For: There's such a thing as aiming too high. If you don't have the skills, experience and credibility a particular job requires, you'll be dismissed from consideration quickly. For example, if you're 22 years old and just finishing your bachelor's degree in journalism, you're not going to land an interview for the head writing job at a major daily newspaper.

The Way(s) You're Applying: "Consider your channels of distribution," says award-winning speaker and business columnist Elizabeth Freedman, principal of Elizabeth Freedman & Co. "For example, are you only applying for jobs on campus or online? If so, you're making things tough on yourself, because when you only apply for jobs through these channels, you're competing against lots and lots of people for a single opportunity." You'll be far better off diversifying your job search by applying a few different strategies, instead of restricting yourself in your efforts by only using one method in your search efforts.

Work smarter and land a job over the competitionSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- These days, to land a job over the competition, you have to work smarter. The hard part is to get your resume read by the right people at the right time. Good jobs aren't on the market very long. To succeed your resume has to be available to the employer the moment they decide to fill a position.

One easy way to be found by employers who are looking to hire someone with your skills, is to post your resume on all the top job sites and niche job boards. This is a proven, documented method of successful job searching. While it may take a fair amount of time to find and fill out the forms of all these sites, you will definitely multiply your chances of landing a job.

If you want all the benefits without all the work, you can let a service like Resume Rabbit do it for you. You fill out one simple form and they'll instantly post your resume on up to 85 top job sites like, CareerBuilder, America's Job Exchange, Dice & more. Then you'll be seen by over 1.5 million employers & recruiters daily. It takes ONLY 5 minutes and saves 60 hours of research and data entry. Instantly post your resume on all the top job sites, to find a job faster.

How to positively influence employers with social mediaAbridged: CIPHR

NEW YORK, NY -- You've probably read countless articles reiterating how damaging it is to post inappropriate content on social media. There's also just as many explaining the importance of making sure your security settings are correct and up to date. The flip side of this is that you can positively influence a prospective employers opinion of you too. By getting your messaging right and tailoring it specifically for roles you're interested in you can not only avoid being discounted but gain an advantage over other applicants.

Most employers are aware that 79% of talent use social media during their job search. As such they'll be making efforts to be where job seekers are, taking note of what's going on in the various communities. Sharing content relevant to the industry of the brand you're trying to engage with shows a common interest. If you create content, as well as curate it, then you can build your reputation as an expert, further improving your chances of getting noticed by employers and for the right reasons.

What your contacts are saying about you has a huge impact on an employers perception of your personal brand. Online recommendations and endorsements are very effective in this area and so is reaching out to industry experts, building a relevant following on social media and writing guest articles for industry publications. The more you involve yourself and contribute to your field, the more you'll get noticed by the right people, for the right reasons.

3 Smart ways to attract recruiters to your LinkedIn profileLily Zhang, The Muse

CHICAGO, IL -- Step 1: Show Up in Searches: Your profile isn't going anywhere if you're not showing up in a recruiter's LinkedIn search. With this in mind, use LinkedIn SEO to your advantage. Another interesting idea, as Larry Kim of Inc. recently shared, is to use LinkedIn more like Twitter. In other words, to add as many relevant contacts as possible, which increases the chances that you'll be seen and your work will be shared on the platform.

Step 2: Be Clickable: One thing you definitely want to get right is your LinkedIn photo. Make sure it's professional and expresses your brand. Your headline will also show up in the LinkedIn search. This little line of text may just be what convinces recruiters to click on your profile or not, so be extra thoughtful about what you write here.

Step 3: Stay Active and Up to Date: Lastly, once you have a recruiter actually looking through your profile, you want to make sure they like what they see and can tell that your profile is accurate and updated. To get this right, don't be lazy and skip writing a summary section. This is where you get to lay down, an incredible, original first impression to recruiters, decision makers, potential clients, and the universe of other professionals.

Get help finding a recruiter in your industrySponsored Article

LOS, ANGELES, CA -- When looking for a job, you may want to consider networking with a recruiter. Recruiters, otherwise known as head hunters or search consultants, are hired by companies to find candidates for them, and often know about unadvertised jobs.

It's important to note, that recruiters do not charge the job seeker. The company pays a fee, typically when a candidate is hired. When contacting a recruiter send a resume and cover letter just as though you were applying for a job. If a recruiter calls you, always call back - even if you are not currently job hunting. You never know when circumstances might change and you might need job search assistance.

If you don't know of any good recruiters and/or want to instantly have your resume sent to 1000's of recruiters that specialize in people with your skills, we have a suggestion for you! One service, Resume Mailman, can email your resume to 1000's of targeted recruiters. Resume Mailman asks you to fill out some general information and input your resume. Then, your information is delivered to recruiters who specialize in finding jobs for people with your skills, in your area! Get your resume delivered to recruiters in your industry today.

Dress without stress for your next job interviewSponsored Article

CALABASAS, CA -- It may seem like a no-brainer! Get up, dress, fill your coffee mug, hop in your car, and drive to the job interview. You're sure everything will work out just fine. How complicated can it be? Actually, it can get very complicated if you don't take time to prepare for the interview--your one shot at getting the job you want. It starts with getting dressed. The impression you make on the hiring manager will set the tone for what follows.

Keep in mind the fact that you have just three seconds to brand yourself. How you look, the clothes you wear, the accessories you choose, the shine of your shoes, all add up to who you appear to be in the eyes of the hiring manager. Do you look professional or casual? Mindful or tacky? Attractive or appalling? It's up to you. Therefore, considering using the following checklist when selecting the outfit you'll wear for your job interview.

WOMEN: A dress or pants suit and blouse; Low-heeled polished pumps; Small earrings that do not jangle or sway; Short or long hair appropriately styled. MEN: suit and tie or slacks and sport coat; Polished lace-up shoes or smart loafers; Gold or silver wristwatch; Conservative-length hair neatly combed. Keep in mind the following taboos: No shorts, jeans, cut-off pants, flip-flop sandals, low-cut necklines, sleeveless blouses and shirts, mini-skirts, jangly earrings and bracelets, scuffed shoes, or exotic outfits that are more suitable for a cruise to the Bahamas.

[VIDEO] The secret to acing your next job interview Sponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Did you know that when the job market was booming it took an average of 3 interviews to get 1 job offer? Now it takes 17! When you finally land the job interview of your dreams will you have what it takes to land the job offer? You must stand out during the job interview or you might as well be playing the lottery.

Most job seekers spend hours creating their resumes and cover letters, searching through job postings, reviewing classified ads and networking--all in order to land the job interview. Yet 99% of them don't have a clue what to do when they get one.

There's a little known "secret career document" you can quickly and easily customize for your next important job interview that literally forces the interviewer to picture you filling the position. This powerful technique was created by one of California's top marketing professionals. His method guarantees you'll automatically stand out from the crowd and shoot straight to the top of the "must hire" list for any position you seek. To ace your next interview and get hired faster visit: The Job Interview Secret.

Try not to stress too much while job searchingAbridged: USNews

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Here are some ways you can manage and mitigate stress. Always take care of yourself. Get some exercise. Devote an hour each day to running or going to the gym. Eat right, too. Don't fall into bad habits, such as the consumption of junk food. When you feel well, you'll be better able to deal with stress and conflicting emotions like feeling run-down or low on energy.

As trivial as it may sound, playing music is a good idea. Music has documented stress-reducing properties, and while you don't want it to become a distraction, you can at least put on some background tunes while you search online job boards or network on LinkedIn. Get organized. Keep a calendar and develop out your job search plan - outline all the steps you need to take and all the tasks on your to-do list. Have a folder where you can keep important documents.

Set small goals for yourself. Your main goal is to get a job, but you might also set more minor, day-to-day or week-to-week goals. Follow up with five employers today, post your resume to eight niche job boards, submit ten new applications by Thursday, and so forth. Finally, leave some room for volunteering or internship work to maintain and grow your skills and experience. Community service is not only great for boosting your morale, but it looks good on your resume.

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