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Vol. 16, Issue 47 - Week of November 20, 2017

3 Ways to keep your job search goingAbridged: Inside Hired

WASHINGTON, DC -- Map Your Job Search Plan: You should be doing several things in preparation for and during the job search, including: preparing and customizing job search documents; creating a list of target companies; expanding your network; and preparing for interviews. So how do you create your job search plan? The best approach is to break the job search process into what is called SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, results focused and timely.

Use Technology to Your Advantage: Now that you have a plan, you need to act on it. Luckily, technology can help keep you on track. For example, use spreadsheets to keep track of your networking efforts, your application submissions, and who referred you. It's also a good idea to set up job alerts. You can set up automatic job searches on LinkedIn, Indeed and other career websites like Jobswanted.com. That will save you time searching the web, as you'll just get the alerts in your inbox. Since timing is key, it's recommend that you set the frequency to daily.

Find an Accountability Buddy: It's highly recommend you find someone to keep you accountable. Set up a monthly meeting with one of the professionals in your graduate student and postdoc affairs office, ask your mentor, or find a friend who is also job searching and team up. Beyond keeping you accountable, such people can support you through the ups of down of the job search process.

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