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Vol. 16, Issue 47 - Week of November 20, 2017

Prevent your social profiles from sabotaging your searchAbridged: BRIT+CO

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- STEP 1: KEEP A LOW (FACEBOOK) PROFILE: Most career specialists agreed that no good can come of leaving your Facebook profile open for public view. While you might do a thorough job scrubbing anything unsavory from your past, other people's postings on your wall and disagreeable comments on what you share might give employers the wrong impression about the company you keep.

STEP 2: BRAND FOR THE BEST RESULT: Social media feeds can make you a stand-out job candidate if managed correctly. The key is to narrow in on the aspects of ourselves we would most like to spotlight. Think of your social media channels like a brand. Brands have two or three pillars that they focus on to help people understand what their brand stands for.

STEP 3: GIVE YOUR BIO A PROMOTION: Your bio on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter should reflect the role that you are seeking. Your social media descriptors can reinforce to hiring managers that you are who you say you are. STEP 4: STAY ENGAGED: A quick way to show yourself as tech-savvy, competent, and knowledgeable about your industry is to use Twitter as a networking device. Keep your commentary politically neutral and be mindful that the world is reading (and remembering) what you tweet. In the best-case scenario, your comment might get you some attention or a follow-back from a big name in your field.

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