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Vol. 16, Issue 46 - Week of November 13, 2017

Ways to help you stand out in a job interviewAbridged: CNBC

TRENTON, NJ -- Brendan Browne, the global head of talent for LinkedIn, says there are 3 key ways to make your interview memorable. "Talk to me about something you're passionate about, how you think on your feet and how you engage," he tells CNBC. Browne says that although certain roles do focus more heavily on tech-based "hard skills," he also looks for softer skills, such as passion and the ability to think efficiently.

In interviews, he often asks prospective employees to discuss how they have taken "intelligent risks" in the past. They also walk him through how they reached decisions in previous roles. For those just entering the workforce, Browne says that it's important to take inventory of all the work you have done, no matter how trivial. That way you can boost up your resume and focus on the relatable skills you picked up along the way.

Interviewees should also demonstrate that they're knowledgeable about the organization and their work. Always do your research and come to the interview informed about the role. Compensation should not be brought up early in the interview process, says Browne. "There's a time and a place to bring salary up," explains the HR chief. He also advises interviewees to always ask follow-up questions. When a prospective candidate doesn't ask questions at the end of the interview, says Browne, it raises red flags.

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