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Vol. 16, Issue 45 - Week of November 6, 2017

Tips to stand out at your next job interview Abridged: Quora

DALLAS, TX -- Ask for names and roles of everyone you are meeting; and if possible get the interview loop/schedule so you know how much time you will be spending with each and in what order. Research each person with whom you are meeting. Seeing a person speak on video is great preparation for what to expect with respect to their personality and style. Plus, diving into their published content will give you more to talk with them about, help inform your questions, and potentially help highlight your preparation to the interviewer.

Research the company generally. Know the basic stats on size and state of the company, and try to develop a view on the top 3 strengths and the top 3 weaknesses/issues the company faces. Talk to trusted people in your network who work at the company if you can. Try (subtly) to get as much inside scoop as you can on the company and the people you are going to meet.

Be prepared to articulate your background, why you have made the choices you have made over time, why you want the job, why you would be good for the job and why you would fit it in with the culture. Relax and be open to the unexpected. If you worry, you will distract your mind from the conversation. Think of the interview as a game or a puzzle, or even just a chance to meet someone who is interesting and learn something new.

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