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Vol. 16, Issue 45 - Week of November 6, 2017

Tips for a better resume format for 2018Abridged: Resume2Jobs

BOULDER, CO -- Not everyone knows how to make a resume look good enough without help. That's why we're going to help you do your best with your resume with these wonderful tips:

1) Templates & formats: The most important thing you need to take into account while writing a resume is that pre-made formats and templates are made to help you focus certain segments instead of others. This limits the potential of your resume, so no matter what format or template you use, always make sure you can modify them as much as possible according to your needs. 2) Fonts & other elements: The fonts you use on a resume need to look professional. Fonts like Arial, Garamond, Calibri or even Times New Roman are recommended for a 2018 resume. Other elements like bullet points, bold fonts, underlining or italicized words may be used with care and only when needed.

3) PDF or Word? Be sure to have both as well as a text version of your resume. So, create your resume with Word and convert it to PDF when you are finished. This format is a lot easier and comfortable to read. 4) Length and segments: A resume shouldn't have more than 4-5 different segments or go over 2 pages. Actually, a resume with 3-4 segments and only one page is enough for most types of work. Unless you have an extensive work history, it is not recommended to use 2 pages.

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