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Vol. 16, Issue 44 - Week of October 30, 2017

Don't waste time. Job search smarter.Abridged: SnagAJob

BOULDER, CO -- Let technology do the work for you. The truth is, you shouldn't spend a lot of your time trying to hunt down the perfect job. Instead get an idea of the jobs you're interested in and let technology do the searching for you. Make the jobs come to you by signing up for email alerts and get personalized daily job matches. Instead of scrolling through Instagram in your downtime, scroll through job openings and save them for later.

Follow up and stand out with quality applications. Plan to spend at least half of your job search time filling out applications and following up with employers. Take the extra time to check your application for errors before submitting it. Focusing your time here can shorten how long it takes to get hired. Typos are a major turnoff to employers. Follow up on your applications. Seriously, it'll really help you stand out. So call, email or follow up in person because job seekers who follow up are much more likely to get interviews.

Research, practice, nail your interview. Once your interview is scheduled plan to spend some quality time researching the company and practicing your interview skills. Another good use of your time is to team up with someone and practice with a mock interview. Once you determine which interview questions trip you up, you can focus on perfecting those.

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