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Vol. 16, Issue 44 - Week of October 30, 2017

Shhh. How to job search, quietly.Abridged: TIME - Money

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Stay off the company equipment. Use your personal cell phone for calls. Bring a personal laptop if you want to dash off a cover letter or do some research during lunch. Keep quiet on social media. LinkedIn is a great way to network, but don't connect to everyone in one fell swoop. Depending on your settings, your connections can see your new activity. If you're connected to your boss or that observant colleague, they may see that your looking for a new job. Never ever vent about your job on Facebook or any other social media sites.

Get more control of your schedule. Stockpile vacation days so if you have day-long interviews you can take the time off. Block out your calendar so that you're not otherwise booked and can more easily move things around if you have to take time off, take a longer lunch, or otherwise get away.

Manage client interaction. In addition to recruiters and job boards, be careful what you say to vendors, consultants, or clients of your company. You may have a genuine relationship with them , but if you ask them for professional leads that will take you out of your company, it might be construed as competing and not acting in the company's best interest. This may run afoul of company policy. Or the vendor, consultant or client may be loose-lipped and mention that you're looking to your boss.

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