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Vol. 16, Issue 32 - Week of August 7, 2017

How to beat the competition before you applyAmy Elisa Jackson, Glassdoor

MILL VALLEY, CA -- 1) Become a Know-It-All. Head to LinkedIn or Glassdoor, type in a company name and start reading, watching and taking notes. Create brief company cheat sheets. Jot down interesting facts. From ratings of company culture and career opportunities to details on employee resource groups and professional development, check out what each company has to offer. Studying a company you're eyeing will pay off in the end. And even if you're a last-minute crammer, every moment of studying will help you in your job search.

2) Get An Inside Look. Take a peek inside companies you're considering. Before you apply, watch videos, browse photos, and see the work-spaces of companies big and small. After all, don't you know want to know what your potential office-space could look like? Some companies feature interviews with employees you could be working with, recent events and company retreats plus tours around the headquarters.

3) Compare & Contrast. Compare the employer profiles of companies you like. Read reviews from current and former employees, and jump over to another company's reviews to evaluate that feedback as well. Exploring the reviews, benefits, and profiles of companies you know you're interested in (and those you've just discovered) will help you narrow down your choices when it comes time to apply.

Work smarter and land a job over the competitionSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- These days, to land a job over the competition, you have to work smarter. The hard part is to get your resume read by the right people at the right time. Good jobs aren't on the market very long. To succeed your resume has to be available to the employer the moment they decide to fill a position.

One easy way to be found by employers who are looking to hire someone with your skills, is to post your resume on all the top job sites and niche job boards. This is a proven, documented method of successful job searching. While it may take a fair amount of time to find and fill out the forms of all these sites, you will definitely multiply your chances of landing a job.

If you want all the benefits without all the work, you can let a service like Resume Rabbit do it for you. You fill out one simple form and they'll instantly post your resume on up to 89 top job sites like CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter,, Dice & more. Then you'll be seen by over 1.5 million employers & recruiters daily. It takes ONLY 5 minutes and saves 60 hours of research and data entry. Instantly post your resume on all the top job sites, to find a job faster.

How to write a stellar LinkedIn summary Abridged: Forbes

BOSTON, MA -- Step 1: Set the scene. Decide what you want your summary to say and what you want viewers to do. These questions will help you set the scene: Who is your ideal audience - the people you want to reach? Who are the most important decision makers and influencers in your world? What do you want them to know, learn, or do? How do you want to make them feel? Document your responses so can start pulling together the content.

Step 2: Gather your content. Your most important accomplishments. Write a sentence for each one in terms of the value you create/created. Your values and passions. Articulate your operating principles and the things that energize you. Your superpowers. Describe the things you do better than anyone else. Fact, figures and stats. List interesting points that are quantifiable. Differentiation. Cull the things that make you YOU and help you stand out from your peers. External validation. Include testimonials from others while showcasing all the awards and accolades bestowed upon you.

Step 3: Put it all together. Start with something enticing. It could be a question, statement or even a few words with punctuation, like: High-Energy. Results-Driven. Focused. Next, fill in the details, weaving elements from the content you gathered into a compelling narrative about the brand called you. Then close with a call to action: tell your audience what you want them to do or where they can go to get more information.

Laid off? 4 Strategies to get you back to workAbridged: Forbes

LOS ANGELES, CA -- 1) Networking: Network often and consistently. Leverage your network to identify possible leads, opportunities or unadvertised openings. If you continuously network you will build a robust group of connections to support both your current job search and future employment endeavors. 2) Asking quality questions: Spend efforts inquiring about opportunities, leads and information that will support your career management plan. For example, if there is a company that interests you, try to connect with people who work there to learn about the company culture. Or, seek an introduction to a person working in a field or role of interest.

3) Maintaining a strong online presence: Ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete with current content, industry keywords and a clear value to help get you passively located by employers and recruiters. Almost all recruiters are on LinkedIn, so you must be, too. Increase your online visibility by consistently engaging on the site. Network in groups, share thought leadership posts related to your field, and build your connections.

4) Updating your resume: Include recent employment and career achievements on your resume, and be prepared to customize your content for every application. Employers need a clear demonstration of why you are the best candidate for them. A generic resume will not cut it. You need a resume that directly aligns your skill sets with each job's requirements, especially if your resume might be read by an applicant tracking system.

Update and optimize your LinkedIn Profile to get noticedSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Two hundred million users can't be wrong. LinkedIn has exploded onto the employment search scene and is now used across 200 different countries. It has sparked a recruiting revolution of sorts, as many hiring managers search its massive database of prospective employees before even announcing a job opening. Is your profile being found?

If the content within your profile is a simple copy-and-paste from your resume, you could be damaging your chances of landing that dream job. The Career News recommends having your profile overhauled by "LinkedIn Builder", the professional writing service with a rapidly growing list of happy clients. The company will turn your LinkedIn content from passive to powerful in 72 short hours. Here's how: Precise, targeted headline; Conversational summary section with a perfectly social tone; Optimized job descriptions crafted to ensure maximum visibility; 100% profile completeness; Fast, email delivery with easy upload instructions; Downloadable DIY Guide loaded with best practices, LinkedIn insights and how-to tips.

LinkedIn Builder's writers specialize in structuring your online professional profile to effectively chronicle your career, achievements and key skills. Their writers possess the knowledge and cross-industry expertise to link your career aspirations with a smashing online presence. Opportunity is waiting. To land more interviews, get your LinkedIn Profile makeover today.

Tips to improve your interview skillsAbridged: Careermetis

NEW YORK, NY -- Practice. The best way to practice is to conduct a mock interview; either by yourself or seek help from a friend. Prepare questions that will try to establish; your uniqueness as the job applicant, your education and professional qualifications, knowledge of the company and the job role, work experience and any notable achievements.

Forget About the Competition. Stop thinking about any competition as this will make you nervous and stressed for no reason. Aim to impress the interviewers, after all, that is what you came to do, right? Review Your Resume. Ensure that your resume is up to date and there are no grammatical errors or gaps in it. Make sure you list your recent accomplishments first. Your resume needs to be creative and should address everything your target employer might deem qualifying.

Be Engaging. Sometimes you may find that you are in a group interview. This makes the competition harder as you have to impress the interviewers in front of your competitors. Volunteer to lead the discussion as this will highlight your leadership and communication skills. Ask questions. Introduce yourself in a professional manner when asked to. This will give you an edge over the other competitors. Pay Attention. Always pay attention to the interviewer. The questions may vary and some of them may even seem off topic but, they all count towards you getting the job.

[VIDEO] The secret to nailing your next job interviewSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Did you know that when the job market was booming it took an average of 3 interviews to get 1 job offer? Now it takes 17! When you finally land the job interview of your dreams will you have what it takes to land the job offer? You must stand out during the job interview or you might as well be playing the lottery.

Most job seekers spend hours creating their resumes and cover letters, searching through job postings, reviewing classified ads and networking--all in order to land the job interview. Yet 99% of them don't have a clue what to do when they get one.

There's a little known "secret career document" you can quickly and easily customize for your next important job interview that literally forces the interviewer to picture you filling the position. This powerful technique was created by one of California's top marketing professionals. His method guarantees you'll automatically stand out from the crowd and shoot straight to the top of the "must hire" list for any position you seek. To ace your next interview and get hired faster visit: The Job Interview Secret.

How can job seekers respond to the latest hiring trends?Abridged: Monster

WESTON, MA -- Hiring trends differ by industry, company, and geographic region, so to keep up with the latest changes, you need to get specific and target companies you want to pursue. Google them for any company news or press releases, and follow them on social media to learn where they're focusing their energy (and dollars). For example, if you're in advertising and you learn that the top agencies are making a big push for short-form web videos, take it upon yourself to get the training and experience they're looking for.

When applying to jobs at these companies, do your homework; tap into their brand voice, their culture, and what they deem important - make sure your resume and cover letter echo the same messages. One general hiring trend that's going on at the moment is a labor shortage for a variety of roles in STEM and health care, and companies are offering more perks and sign-on bonuses to close the deal when candidates have more than one job offer. If you happen to be in these fields, you definitely call the shots.

Respond to this trend by using your power position to your advantage - remember, you're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you. Ask to work remotely an additional day or two, ask for a sign-on bonus, ask for more perks. You won't get anything unless you ask for it.

Search all online job listings from just one websiteSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- If you've recently been searching online for a job, you realize there are literally thousands of different websites all listing potential job matches for you. Amazingly enough, even the biggest employment sites have less than 10% of available jobs listed online. Yet finding and then searching through thousands of different job boards and company websites is nearly impossible. Conversely, overlooking any one of these sites could cause you to miss out on the job of your dreams.

Wouldn't it be great if you could search all online job listings from just one website? Well you finally can, with a new job search engine at This site works just like Google, Yahoo or Bing, except it searches only for targeted job listings from sites like: CareerBuilder,,, Jobs2Careers, and more.

You simply plug in your job title and desired location, and in seconds you can review all your best job matches pulled from all the top job sites -- and all in one place. Now instead of spending endless hours bouncing around to countless different job sites, the jobs are brought right to you in seconds. The best part is there's no charge for this service, no sign up required, and you can try it right now. Just go to: for--free.

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