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Vol. 16, Issue 30 - Week of July 24, 2017

7 Tips to keep your job search a secretAbridged: Job Monkey

SEATTLE, WA -- 1) Know What You Want: Do your research at home. Determine what type of job will make you happy. Then start focusing on employers who are hiring. 2) Search On Your Own Time: When searching for a job, do it on your time. Don't search from your work computer or use your company email address or phone. Keep it personal and away from anything associated with your current job.

3) Don't Make Any Major Changes: To avoid any suspicion, keep your routine, wardrobe, and activities as normal as possible. 4) Be Careful Of Social Media: Don't announce your job search on social media and be sure to change your privacy settings. 5) Consider Your References: You'll most likely need to supply references during your job search. Do you have people outside of your current work circle who can vouch for you in a professional manner?

6) Ask For Confidentiality: Once you make contact with a prospective employer or recruiter, ask them to keep your job search confidential. 7) Watch What You Say: People are connected and they love to talk. If you truly want to keep your job search a secret, don't tell anyone! One last rule of thumb is to always treat your current employer with respect. While it may be necessary to keep your job search a secret, it's important to communicate your new job in a timely manner and do your best to leave on good terms.

Confidentially post your resume & secure your searchSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- You've decided to take the leap and look for a new job. But where do you start? While the job market is very competitive right now, there are still lots of jobs being offered by hiring managers who search all of the top career websites. Sure it may take some time, but posting your resume on ALL the top websites will give you better exposure than your competition.

If you want the benefit of maximum exposure, but don't want to spend 60 hours researching and filling out website forms, consider letting a service like Resume Rabbit do the work for you. With this service, you fill out one easy form and in about 15 minutes you'll be posted on up to 85 top career websites like CareerBuilder,,, America's Job Exchange, Dice and more.

If confidentiality is a concern, use Resume Rabbit's confidentiality feature. Your resume can be seen, however, no one will see your name, street address or phone number. Whether you do it by hand or use a service like Resume Rabbit, creating accounts on all the best career sites will give you access to millions of jobs and exposure to 1.5 million employers and recruiters daily. To keep your job search secure and confidential, get your resume posted on all the top job sites with Resume Rabbit.

5 Surefire ways to get stuck in a job you hateAbridged: A Mountain Journey

BOSTON, MA -- 1) Scared Of The Unknown: It's always easier to stick with what you know than to make a change. What will it really be like when you make the switch? If you get out of a job you hate, it will be fantastic.

2) Fear Of Failure: No one wants to fail, yet failure is a good way to learn from your mistakes and improve everything in life. Even some of the world's most successful people failed at first. 3) Financial Woes: If money is holding you back from making a change, that's understandable. Start saving money now and work toward a goal so that you feel fiscally responsible and have a budget that allows you to get out of a job you hate.

4) Lack Of Future Plans: It's important to have both goals and a plan on how to achieve those goals. Define what you want to do and then figure out how to achieve it. Without a plan you lack direction and it's easy to get stuck in a job that you hate. 5) Don't Know How To Make A Change: When you are stuck in a job you hate for a long time, you may be unaware of how to make a change. Look online for advice on why you should quit your job, how to search for a job, and how to follow your dreams. It will help to point you in the right direction.

Reasons why you should revise your resume regularlyAbridged: Job Street

NEW YORK, NY -- Always Ready For The Next Opportunity. Opportunities may come knocking at your door at the least expected moment. Trying to piece together a resume in a hurry is never a good idea. Set aside time regularly to update your resume. Write down your current successes and lessons learned and rephrase them into skills and attributes in your resume.

Being An Expert About You. Think of updating your resume as revising your knowledge about you. So start updating that resume! Have your latest achievements at your fingertips, so that you will always know what to pitch to your listeners when they ask about you. It's Like a Regular Check-Up, But For Your Career. Revising your resume is like going to the doctor for a check-up. The process of evaluating your employment history lets you know whether you are on the right path and getting good results. More importantly, it will help you see if you are focusing your time and effort on matters that are important to both your career and you.

Stay Relevant And Concise. It's always good to do some "spring cleaning" on your resume once in a while. Every achievement may be important, but which ones are most relevant to your dream job? To help you along, request informational interviews from people in the your industry. Seek advice on what are the trends in the industry and how you can improve your resume.

How strong is your resume? Get a free resume critique!Sponsored Article

NEW YORK, NY -- Did you know that the average job opening has 250 applicants competing for it? What's worse is 70% of those applicants will be eliminated from the candidate pool by an applicant tracking system. That means that only 30% of applicants make it to the desk of hiring managers. But, wait. It gets even worse!

Hiring managers use the 30 second test to eliminate 80% of the remaining candidates. That means, that on your first pass in front of the eyes of a hiring manager, you have less than 30 seconds to impress them. Career professionals like to call this the "applicant black hole." What many people don't realize is that they aren't even getting their resume into the hands of hiring managers for reading! What can you do to avoid the black hole?

Well, for starters, you need to realize that it isn't your skill-set or your accomplishments that are ruling you out, it's your resume! A self-written resume has a 6% chance of being read. A professionally written resume has a 60% chance of being read and generates 2-3x as many interviews as a self-written resume. The Career News has arranged a special deal with TopResume and is offering free resume evaluations. Their resume experts will read your resume and give you actionable tips that will instantly make your resume more professional. Get your free-resume critique from an experienced resume writer.

Painful job search? Keep these things in mindJenni Maier, The Daily Muse

CHICAGO, IL -- It's Work: Looking for your next big opportunity's exciting. But that doesn't take away from the fact that it takes work. Assuming you're still putting your all into your full-time position, you're likely exhausted when you arrive home. Maybe instead of giving an A+ effort all the time, give a B+. Leave at 5:30. Take a couple of those personal days that have been sitting in your account to focus on your search.

It Doesn't Happen Overnight: Even if you'd like to leave your company yesterday, the right opportunity for you probably isn't going to be the first one you come across. No, your dream job's not going to be knocking on your door tomorrow morning just because you updated your resume. Rather than despair over that fact, keep it in mind as you plot out your search.

It's Full of Disappointment: There aren't enough inspirational quotes in the world to make you feel at peace with constant rejection during a job search. However, what will help is to spend just as much time networking as you do applying. The more connections you make, the higher the chances that you'll get to bypass the robot-stage of the process and get your resume in the right hands. Not to mention, the more human connections you have, the higher the odds you'll get real, valuable feedback.

[Video] Tips on crafting the perfect cover letterSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- A perfectly-written cover letter can be more important to your job search than your resume! What most people don't realize is that a cover letter is really a sales letter. It's your personal advertisement, your first impression, your grand introduction. Additionally a brilliantly worded cover letter is the easiest way to assure your resume is the one, amongst a stack of resumes, that actually gets read. The best part is, practically no one understands this fact. So having a great cover letter is almost like having an unfair advantage.

As a matter of fact, the vast majority of your competition simply "throws" together any old cover letter just so they have something to attach to their average resume. As a result, most cover letters do nothing to land the job interview. In fact, hiring managers often make a decision to interview from a well written cover letter alone -- before even reading a resume.

Wouldn't you love to have a cover letter written with the flair of an advertising executive? If so, we recommend a simple program that helps you quickly and easily crank out a killer cover letter that is guaranteed-to keep your phone ringing. With a click-of-a-button, fill in the blanks and in just 3.5 minutes out pops a brilliantly worded and perfectly crafted cover letter - 100% customized for you. Why not get your phone ringing with job interviews and employment offers - without writing one word, just go to The Amazing Cover Letter Creator.

You really hate your job...what now?Abridged: Everyday Interview Tips

AUSTIN, TX -- Step 1: Identify the Real Problem. Figure out what the problem is. All too often we are tired, frustrated and negative about our job but when we take a closer look at things we realize it's not really the job that's the problem. It could be relationship issues, stress at home, illness etc that is really making us unhappy.

Step 2: Talk Through The Options With Your Boss. All too often, people who are unhappy at work just get angry and frustrated then find another role and leave. They don't sit and talk through the issues with their boss. You should definitely talk to your boss early on, they may be able to make some changes that make a huge difference to you.

Step 3: Revisit Your Short and Long term Goals. Once you are clear about what the problem is and you have given your boss ample opportunity to make some necessary changes you may find you're still unhappy. At this point, you need to consider your short term and long term goals. It may be a while since you have given these a lot of thought but sitting down and re evaluating your future means being clear about what you are aiming for. Revise your list of both and be clear about what it is you really want. Rank them in order of importance if that helps give you clarity.

Search all online job listings from just one websiteSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- If you've recently been searching online for a job, you realize there are literally thousands of different websites all listing potential job matches for you. Amazingly enough, even the biggest employment sites have less than 10% of available jobs listed online. Yet finding and then searching through thousands of different job boards and company websites is nearly impossible. Conversely, overlooking any one of these sites could cause you to miss out on the job of your dreams.

Wouldn't it be great if you could search all online job listings from just one website? Well you finally can, with a new job search engine at This site works just like Google, Yahoo or Bing, except it searches only for targeted job listings from sites like: CareerBuilder,,, Jobs2Careers, and more.

You simply plug in your job title and desired location, and in seconds you can review all your best job matches pulled from all the top job sites -- and all in one place. Now instead of spending endless hours bouncing around to countless different job sites, the jobs are brought right to you in seconds. The best part is there's no charge for this service, no sign up required, and you can try it right now. Just go to:

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