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Vol. 16, Issue 16 - Week of April 17, 2017

Tips on making a job search less stressful Abridged: Forbes

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sign Up for Job Alerts. Career sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn offer this feature: Input the type of job you're looking for, and positions that fit your criteria will continually land in your inbox. Many companies also send out alerts to job seekers who sign up on their sites as well.

Reach out to Recruiters. People often shrug off recruiters who call them when they're not looking for a new role, but this is a mistake. Instead, try sending a short note with an update on your role and recent accomplishments to any recruiter who has contacted you in the past. No contacts? Scour the "open position" section of relevant trade websites. You'll start noticing the same recruitment firms posting ads there, which indicates that they're among the most active and reputable firms in your industry. Google a firm, find a name or two and shoot over a note introducing yourself.

Use These Magic Words. "I'm open to opportunities." It's short, sweet and desperation-free, and communicates that you're not necessarily dissatisfied with your current role, but you would entertain an offer if one came along. Dive Deeper Into LinkedIn. Join and actively participate in groups in your industry by posting updates or news articles on the main feed, and grow your number of connections. Then load up your headline as well as the "summary" and "experience" categories with industry buzzwords.

Maximize your exposure and land more interviews Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- These days, to land a job over the competition, you have to work smarter. The hard part is to get your resume read by the right people at the right time. Good jobs aren't on the market very long. To succeed your resume has to be available to the employer the moment they decide to fill a position.

One easy way to be found by employers who are looking to hire someone with your skills, is to post your resume on all the top job sites and niche job boards. This is a proven, documented method of successful job searching. While it may take a fair amount of time to find and fill out the forms of all these sites, you will definitely multiply your chances of landing a job.

If you want all the benefits without all the work, you can let a service like Resume Rabbit do it for you. You fill out one simple form and they'll instantly post your resume on 86 top job sites like, CareerBuilder, America's Job Exchange, Dice & more. Then you'll be seen by over 1.5 million employers & recruiters daily. It takes ONLY 5 minutes and saves 60 hours of research and data entry. To maximize your exposure and land more interviews, get your resume posted on all the top job sites.

The NEW LinkedIn: 3 Crucial tips for job seekers Abridged: WinterWyman

BOSTON, MA -- Be an Open Candidate. The Open Candidates feature allows you to privately signal recruiters that you're looking for a new opportunity and filter out the specifics of your job search without it being public knowledge (nope, your current boss won't see this). Using this feature will allow your profile to stand out to those using LinkedIn Recruiter, increasing your chance of finding the right fit for your next gig!

Keep up with Companies. Any organization that has an enhanced company page can share a lot of extra information with you that you may not see by just looking at their website. Here's the breakdown: Overview - Corporate statement, general info and preview to the other two tabs. Jobs - Their open positions. What We Do - Here's where you can see what the company is up to. News, photos, employee spotlights and featured content are great ways to get a look inside company culture.

Scope out Salary Data. One of the major components in your decision to take an offer is salary. You can get an idea of what someone with a similar job title as you is making with LinkedIn's Salary search. LinkedIn's data is based on salary information privately submitted to the platform. Tip! If you privately submit your information, you'll have more detailed insight to various facts that impact pay scale.

Tips on creating a stellar cover letter Abridged: Time Magazine

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- 1) Personalize: Every cover letter you write should be tailored to the job you're applying for. Study the job posting carefully, and make a quick list of any essential qualifications. Avoid nameless salutations - it might take a little research, but finding the actual name of the position's hiring manager will score you major brownie points.

2) Tell a Story: To grab a recruiter's attention, a good narrative - with a killer opening line - is everything. Ideally, the story that drives your resume will focus on a need at the company you're applying for. A hiring manager wants to see results-driven accomplishments with a past employer. 3) Use Bullet Points to Show Impact: Bullet points are a good tool for pulling out numbers-driven results. Job seekers in creative fields like art and design can use bullets to break down their most successful project. Those in more traditional roles can hammer off two or three of their most impressive accomplishments.

4) Highlight Culture Fit: As you research a potential employer, look for culture cues on the company website, social media, and review sites like Glassdoor. Oftentimes, employers will nod to culture in a job posting. 5) End with an Ask: The goal of a cover letter is to convince the person reading it to make the next move in the hiring process - with a phone call, interview, or otherwise. Ending on a question opens that door without groveling for it.

[Video] Easily crank out a perfectly-written cover letter Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- A perfectly-written cover letter can be more important to your job search than your resume! A cover letter is really a sales letter. It's your personal advertisement, your first impression, your grand introduction. A brilliantly worded cover letter is the easiest way to assure your resume is the one, amongst a stack of resumes, that actually gets read. The best part is, few people understand this fact. So having a great cover letter is almost like having an unfair advantage.

As a matter of fact, the vast majority of your competition simply "throws" together any old cover letter just so they have something to attach to their average resume. As a result, most cover letters do nothing to land the job interview. In fact, hiring managers often make a decision to interview from a well written cover letter alone -- before even reading a resume.

Wouldn't you love to have a cover letter written with the flair of an advertising executive? If so, we recommend a simple program that helps you quickly and easily crank out a killer cover letter. With a click-of-a-button, fill in the blanks and in just 3.5 minutes out pops a brilliantly worded and perfectly crafted cover letter - 100% customized for you. Why not get your phone ringing with job interviews and employment offers, just go to The Amazing Cover Letter Creator.

Simple tips for making startup life a lot easier Abridged: Fortune Magazine

NEW YORK, NY -- Remind yourself that it's not strategic to manage only in the day-to-day. Being on the front lines is important, but if it consumes you, you won't be pushing ahead the two or three most important long-term projects. Set aside time to get out of the office and away from distraction to think about long-term goals and make plans.

Put free time on your calendar and honor it, whether it's during the day, nights out with friends, or doing nothing at all. Make a point to schedule one lunch or after-work meetup with a friend every week - so it's not all business all the time. Find something else you're passionate about and devote some time to that. It may seem counter-intuitive to add to your list of commitments, but you need to create a good work-life balance. It can be clarifying and rewarding to put your energy into something else for a few hours a month.

Take a vacation. Most people enjoy taking vacations and look forward to the time off. However, some people don't do it, often because they think they're going to disappoint their team for being out of the office for a few days. But that's what vacation is! Your team will be more disappointed about you burning out than missing a little work. You're not doing anyone any good by being the good soldier, and you'll come back with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

Easiest way to start your own business: Free Consultation Staff Writer, The Career News

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Have you dreamed of owning your own business or running a side gig, but don't know where to start? Franchises are becoming more and more popular as a way for people to buy and own their own business. Here are 4 main advantages to owning a franchise.

First, you're able to operate your own business with the security of working with a large company. Second, the start-up, operations and general business plans are laid out for you with training and support from the franchisor. Third, you reduce your risk due to the success of the franchisor's reputation & experience. Fourth, it may be easier to borrow money to start a franchise than an independent business. If you've been thinking about starting your own business, we recommend a complimentary consultation with FranChoice, the premier "matchmaker" of the franchising industry.

During your consultation, the consultants from FranChoice will help you identify franchise businesses that meet your criteria based on your goals, skills and preferences. Then they'll guide you through the franchise investigation process and answer all your questions. FranChoice is paid by the various companies offering franchises to help them find suitable matches. So it's free to you and there's no commitment or pressure to buy. Instantly sign up for a consultation with a franchise expert .

How to catch a hiring managers attention Abridged: The Muse

CHICAGO, IL -- When you apply for a job, hiring managers are scoping you out online to determine if your experience, skills, attitude, and personality traits prove you're a perfect fit for their open role and company culture. So, whether it's personal or professional, what you share online is a crucial part of the image you're projecting. Since your online activity can surface everything from your personal website and side hustle to anything that's stalkable on social sites, consider these tips from a couple of hiring managers we spoke to.

"Searching candidates on Google is one of the fastest ways to get a quick general read on a person, surfacing major career milestones and impressive projects or sometimes, concerning red flags," a recruiter from Slack confirms. So, Google yourself, and consider what kind of impact the results might have on an employer. Positive news mentions and thoughtful blog posts might inspire hiring managers to dig deeper into how you spend your time and what you do well. On the other hand, aggressive debate-laced comment threads and other generally negative results can be immediately off-putting.

If you really want your search results to impress, a solid personal website can earn serious points. "When a candidate has taken the time to put together a personal site that tells their story and shares recent work, I instantly know that they're someone who takes the initiative to make things happen," a recruiter from Yahoo! shares.

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