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Vol. 12, Issue 06 - February 11, 2013

IT job market experiencing boomAbridged: Insurance Networking News

CHICAGO, IL -- Even with the unemployment rate at 7.9%, the number of new jobs for IT professionals is now at levels high enough for IT managers to say IT is in full recovery mode, according to an analysis from Janco Associates. "There has been more than 200,000 IT jobs added in the last three months," said Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates. "That level of additional IT employment is robust enough to be called a boom."

"When we looked at the number of IT pros employed and compared that with our own survey of 106 CIOs in North America, we concluded that the hiring freezes of 2008-2012 have been lifted. We are seeing greater demand for IT professionals who can address demands placed on CIOs for more Web-enabled applications." IT management positions dominate near-term hiring plans, particularly IT middle management--8% of CIOs reported middle management hiring plans in that time frame. Within six months to a year, the plans shift focus almost exclusively to filling out IT staffs.

In a continuing survey of CIOs, Janco found many are cautious but feel that overall hiring will improve in 2013. In telephone interviews of 106 U.S.-based CIOs, Janco found that CIOs are closely managing their overall FTE (full time equivalent) headcount levels and only adding staff for critical new developments. In addition, CIOs are looking for particular sets of skills to meet the demands of mobile computing and toward implementation processes."

Get your resume seen by 1.5 million employersSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- With so many people currently in the job market or looking for better career opportunities, how can you make sure your resume will be seen? With advancing technology, the internet is an extremely popular resource for posting and finding resumes. But with all the job boards and niche career sites available, wouldn't it be nice if your resume could be found on all of them?

Consider a site that can make that happen. You post your information to their site once, and they distribute it on up to 85 top career sites and niche job boards! It's called Resume Rabbit and it's so easy to use. Just fill out one simple online form and in just 5 minutes you'll be well on your way to landing that job you've been searching for. There's also a personal posting report auto-login feature that lets you log in to the many sites where your resume is posted in just one mouse click!

Let Resume Rabbit cover your bases and save you hours of filling out forms to post your resume online. Use those saved hours to take the offense in your job search while 1.5 million employers still see your resume daily. Organize your job search and save time distributing your resume with Resume Rabbit today.

Elements of a mediocre resume...Abridged: Sweet Career Consulting

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- Has a lackluster resume response rate left you wondering if your resume or the job market is to blame for your shortage of interviews? Take a quick look at this list of mediocre resume components to help determine if your resume is to blame for your interview famine.

  • A vanilla, undistinguished introduction or profile. If your introductory statement could describe anyone else besides you--then you haven't branded your introductory statement well enough.
  • An omitted target job or job title. By neglecting to include a job title or target job position at the beginning of your resume you're making the employer guess which position you're applying to and what you're qualified to do.
  • A schizophrenic keyword issue. A keyword, core competency/core skills section that lists out keywords in bulleted form at the top of the resume is great. Unless those keywords bounce between multiple industries and positions. In which case you're just confusing the hiring manager.
  • Unremarkable, run-of-the-mill content. Avoid the trap of writing duties and responsibility-based content. Instead, write challenge, action, results statements that prove your value and significance.
  • Insufficient Personal Branding. Sought-after candidates are those who best market their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the needs of the employer. Submit resumes that reveal your ability to surpass the need of the employer. By doing so you're positioning yourself as the preferred candidate.
  • 6 job-hunting tips for older workersAbridged: The Wall Street Journal

    NEW YORK, NY -- Whether it's for personal satisfaction or financial need, many retirees want to work after retirement. Here are some job-hunting tips below for older workers:

  • Look for temporary or project assignments. There are many employers interested in hiring on a project by project basis. Register with temp firms in your local area as they are less concerned with age and are more interested in your skills and experience.
  • When applying for a job tell the employer you are willing to work on a project or temporary basis. This often gives you a leg up on younger workers. Temporary employment can lead to full-time work.
  • Volunteer with a charity or non-profit. Although in most cases there is little or no monetary compensation it's good experience and can possibly lead to employment.
  • Have your resume re-written or updated by an expert as the resume you used years ago is no longer appropriate. You should have your resume on your computer so you can modify it highlighting the experience most appropriate for the job to which you are applying.
  • Search for a job on job boards that specifically connect older workers with employers seeking to hire them and post your resume on these sites. Set a job alert to notify you if a position is posted that matches your skills and experience. Some job boards specializing in older workers:,,,,
  • Revise and refresh your resume today - only $49.99Sponsored Article

    LOS ANGELES, CA -- You've got terrific experience. Your work ethic is superb. You're even willing to be flexible on salary. But after sending your resume to countless, perfectly matched job opportunities, you're just not getting the interviews! Why? It may be hard to believe, but there's a good chance your resume is hurting more than it's helping. With the average employer spending less than 30 seconds scanning each resume, your resume needs to immediately grab the employers attention and stand out over all other applicants.

    While acing the interview is best left to you, getting the interview is often best left to a professional resume writer. Easier said than done right? Not everyone can just shell out upwards of $400 or more to have a pro write their resume. But if a professional resume writer would craft your personal masterpiece for less than $50 bucks, would you let them? Well now's the time to do it, because The Career News has arranged that exact deal for our subscribers through a special arrangement with Resume2Hire.

    Your new resume is guaranteed to grab an employer's attention while emphasizing your work experience, skills, abilities and achievements. Just fill out their quick and easy online questionnaire, and if you have a current resume, provide a copy of that too. Then within 72 hours, you'll receive your shiny new expertly written resume--guaranteed. Don't let your current resume stand between you and your next interview. At this price you simply can't afford not to. To quickly refresh your resume and to get started under this special deal, go to Resume2Hire today.

    Smart job search strategies that workAbridged: Huffington Post

    DENVER, CO -- Here are some advanced job-finding strategies that go beyond the traditional advice. (Note that I said job finding; not job seeking. Let 2013 be the year you identify yourself as a job finder, not an unemployed person.)

    • Track Your Progress: Put every bit of data you collect into a format that lets you structure and sort the data pool. A spreadsheet or word document works well for this purpose. In addition, use a calendar tool to set reminders so you don't forget important follow ups. Successful job-finders use specialized tools to help them manage their search, make connections and retain focus.
    • Move Networking into Overdrive: Now is the time to accelerate your efforts. Look at every interaction as a potential networking opportunity. For example, if you make a connection with parents at your children's athletic games or PTA events, offer your business card and ask them to contact you if they know of job opportunities relevant to your experience. Be brief and respectful, but diligent, and the work will pay off.
    • Find Your Relevance: Take inventory of your skillsets and be sure to consider life experience such as volunteer work and hobbies. If the experience is complex, that's even better. Activities that show drive, initiative and leadership are attractive to every employer. Next, drill down to the individual tasks you performed, and then look for specific relevance.

    Search smarter & save time with this job search engineSponsored Article

    LOS ANGELES, CA -- Are you tired of going to several job sites every day and having to search each one separately? Do you dread submitting your resume & cover letter over and over for every job you apply to? Do you find it difficult to keep track of where you sent your resume for future follow up? Now a new service called MyJobHunter solves all that!

    First, MyJobHunter will instantly search all major job sites at once for jobs matching your requirements. Next, you'll review a list of job matches and put check marks next to the ones you like. Then, press a single button and your resume is sent to the jobs you selected. It's that simple! They'll even personalize your cover letter with each job application. Login any time to review jobs applied to and even add follow-up notes on each one.

    Check out these other great features. Don't want to forget keywords that generated perfect jobs? Try the "Saved Search" feature. Want MyJobHunter to find & apply to jobs for you? Turn on "Auto-Apply" and your resume is automatically sent to new job matches every day. You'll never miss an opportunity and your resume gets there before the competition! Start searching smarter today and save time with MyJobHunter.

    Three ways entrepreneurship is changing for the betterAbridged: Forbes

    LAS VEGAS, NV -- The sluggish economy has prompted many to consider starting their own businesses - or simply taking a more entrepreneurial approach to their career and life. Here are three ways entrepreneurship is changing for the better.

    It's Becoming More Global. Entrepreneurship can be a powerful driver of job creation, innovation, and trade. Other countries are increasingly tapping its potential. That means more opportunity and economic activity and in a globalized society, the benefits redound to all of us.

    It's Opening Up for Women. The venture capital industry is notoriously devoid of women, and with its emphasis on funding serial entrepreneurs, it can be hard for outsiders to break into the club. If we go back to 1995-1999, when the VC industry was at its peak, during that period of time only 6% of businesses funded by VCs had women on the management team. But these days, venture capital isn't the only game in town. The rise of angel investing and crowdsourcing platforms has opened up funding opportunities for women.

    It's Merged with Design Thinking. Entrepreneurship is a method, a set of skills and it's learnable. So how do you teach it? Try starting out with this approach and ask: Who am I? What are my capabilities? What do I enjoy doing? Based on that, you can start to think about what are some possibilities you might approach.

    Easiest way to start your own business Sponsored Article

    LAS VEGAS, NV -- Have you dreamed of owning your own business but don't know where to start? Franchises are becoming more and more popular as a way for people to buy and own their own business. Here are 4 main advantages to owning a franchise.

    First, you're able to operate your own business with the security of working with a large company. Second, the start-up, operations and general business plans are laid out for you with training and support from the franchisor. Third, you reduce your risk due to the success of the franchisor's reputation & experience. Fourth, it may be easier to borrow money to start a franchise than an independent business. If you've been thinking about starting your own business, we recommend a free-consultation with FranChoice, the premier "matchmaker" of the franchising industry.

    During your consultation, the consultants from FranChoice will help you identify franchise businesses that meet your criteria based on your goals, skills and preferences. Then they'll guide you through the franchise investigation process and answer all your questions. FranChoice is paid by the various companies offering franchises to help them find suitable matches. So it's free to you and there's no commitment or pressure to buy. To instantly sign up for your consultation, just go to FranChoice.

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