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Vol. 11, Issue 25 - June 18, 2012

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ATLANTA, GA -- When you're working, you are obligated to keep up with industry news, technology, and business developments in order to perform at your best. And, when you're seeking a job, you must still keep up. The recruiters and hiring managers with whom you will interview with want to know that you're current with trends and technology.

They want to see that you're familiar with the products or services that are offered. They may also want you to know the competitive landscape and target markets, the technology and production process depending on your profession. Knowing this information can set you apart from other job candidates. It's important to be prepared to answer questions about current events in the industry. You can impress interviewers by having knowledge and applying techniques and technology used in your profession. This is the best way to make sure that you get past the first round of interviews.

The research that you conduct to learn about the company, products, technology used, target markets, etc. can help you to prepare your elevator pitch and value proposition for the job. You may learn about activities or processes that have yielded results, and maybe some that have failed to generate desired results. You can demonstrate the value you can bring to the company by asking good questions and offering ideas for how you would solve problems facing the company or industry.

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