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Vol. 11, Issue 19 - May 7, 2012

Getting a job after being firedAbridged: NewVision

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Will being fired devastate your chances of getting another job? Not necessarily. Here are some steps to help you get back on that job search wagon after you have been fired. Cool off: Chances are that you're angry about being fired. If you jump right into job hunting, you risk entering an interview with a negative attitude.

Maintain a positive attitude: Even though being fired is not the best situation in which to look for a new job, having an upbeat personality and staying confident about your abilities can help you overcome this hurdle. Strengthen your resume: An updated resume that focuses on your accomplishments is necessary when beginning a new job search. Focus on how your actions at recent jobs have helped improve productivity or efficiency.

Network with former colleagues: By obtaining an interview through a connection with someone who knows you personally, you give yourself an advantage. Your skills and work ethic may not be questioned as thoroughly as they would be when applying for a job where no one knows you. Having a list of former supervisors or colleagues who are willing to vouch for you helps offset the negative feelings a potential employer may have when he finds out you were fired. Tell the interviewer about your termination: Being up front and honest shows the interviewer that you're willing to address a negative situation openly.

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