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Vol. 11, Issue 18 - April 30, 2012

Many workers itching for a career change Abridged: Monster

NEW YORK, NY -- It turns out that a majority of workers believe that the grass really is greener somewhere else. That's the finding of a new poll, which found that 55% of global workers were considering a career change because of the current economic situation. An additional 30% of respondents said they would consider a change if they could find a better career.

In the United States, 56% of workers responded that they were trying to change careers. "There are many types of career changes, with some people making a career 'sidestep,' moving into a new kind of role within their current industry, while others may be making a more radical change," Charles Purdy, Monster.com career expert, said. "Before considering a change, workers need to do thorough research, making sure they have realistic expectations and a concrete plan for filling their skills gaps."

Even though many workers are currently looking to make a change, Purdy thinks workers should always be focused on a career change, regardless of economic standing. People considering a career change should also reach out to their networks and consider conducting informational interviews. "All of us should be actively managing our careers and making sure we're on top of developments in our chosen industry. At the same time, employers can work to retain employees by offering incentives such as training and skills development," Purdy said.

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