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Vol. 11, Issue 17 - April 23, 2012

Tips for finding a job out-of-stateAbridged: The Boston Globe

BOSTON, MA -- Question: I'm considering moving out of my local area to secure a new job. Are employers willing to deal with a potential employee not in the area yet? Answer: You can do some job hunting from afar. Some recommendations:

Get on LinkedIn and start connecting with colleagues, friends, neighbors, alums, etc. Join some groups on LinkedIn. When joining groups, look for groups in your target areas to join. Also join groups that are geared to your profession. Connect or re-connect with any personal or professional contacts that you have in your target areas. Search the job boards. Many job boards allow you to restrict your search to a certain geographic area.

When you write your resume and cover letter, explicitly state that you plan to re-locate at your own expense. Often times when a recruiter reads a resume with an out-of-state address, there is a question of whether this candidate would need relocation assistance. Consider getting an online phone number in your target area -- especially if you are out of the country. If possible, plan a trip or two to your target areas. Try to schedule several face-to-face meetings during these trips and make as many new connections as you can. Lastly, send a thank you note or email to everyone who is helpful to you during your search. Don't burn any bridges. Be persistent without stalking.

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