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Vol. 11, Issue 15 - April 9, 2012

Is company culture important in your job search?Abridged: USNews

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A lofty compensation package, spiffy title, and corner office are all great characteristics to look for in a job--but if you're looking for a happy job, a great cultural fit is equally important. Unlike salary or benefits, a company's culture is much harder to quantify. As a result, it's best to go beyond a company website and do some research on a wider scale, using these multiple resources:

Twitter: Twitter has become a popular way to keep up with real-time company news. Some companies tweet links to industry news, staff blogs, and more. Facebook: More companies are using Facebook business pages to exhibit their culture, especially as a means to host company event photos. You'll find lots of fan comments and giveaways--with an overall focus on community giving and family strengthening.

Google Alerts: Set up a Google alert for the company's name so that you receive notification anytime it's mentioned on the web. Informational Interviews: The purpose of an informational interview is to ask current employees questions about their company to get a better understanding of what you would be getting into. Check out the company's LinkedIn page too and see if you're in any common groups or have a mutual contact with any of its employees. Send them a message to see if they are willing to talk to you about the culture.

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