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Vol. 11, Issue 15 - April 9, 2012

How to create your very own mini resumeAbridged: WCNC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- All job seekers should understand that there's an innovative way to use business cards in a job search. When Margo Scurry teaches a class at Jacob's Ladder Job Center, she stresses the importance of networking and setting yourself apart. "What I'm always doing is looking for ways to help students get ahead...and stand out from a crowd," Scurry said. One way to stand out is to create your very own mini resume.

"Basically it's just putting the most important elements of your resume on a business card. We have them use a basic Microsoft Word template and they create a resume business card with a bold summary and then a catchy tag line that will draw somebody's attention." explained Scurry. "Also include all necessary contact information: LinkedIn profile or website URL, phone number and email address. If you have significant highlights in your career, consider using the back side for that.

Best of all, the process is easy and inexpensive! A business card gives you an opportunity to start a conversation with someone and leave something behind so they remember you. Let everyone know you're looking. However, don't just come out and say "I'm looking for a job." Instead, work it into the conversation. Many times it isn't appropriate to pull out your resume, but a business card is perfect. Use it correctly and make an impression that will last.

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