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Vol. 11, Issue 16 - April 16, 2012

4 career realities to keep in mindAbridged: Huffington Post

DULLES,VA -- Today's constantly changing job market challenges us to continually update our skills, keep abreast of industry trends, and reinvent ourselves to remain successful. Like many other aspects of life, there's a good news/bad news scenario to this current state of affairs. The bad news is that the job security we knew previously is virtually nonexistent. However, there's plenty of resulting good news to be found too. No longer are we stuck in longstanding careers that hold little promise or reward. We are freed up to chart our own course. It's now best to consider ourselves as entrepreneurs whether we're self-employed or getting a paycheck from someone else. Here are four career realities to bear in mind:

  • The new job security: You're considered only as valuable as the skills you offer, the problems you can solve, and the ideas you present. Job security is no longer met through external structures. It's experienced by internal direction, innovation and preparation.
  • Flexibility is key: The ladder of advancement is more likely to be horizontal rather than vertical. Take a proactive approach by keeping up to date in your industry, identifying opportunities, and consistently reevaluating your direction.
  • You have to market yourself: Whether you're in a job search, vying for opportunities within an organization, or attracting clients or customers to your own business, you'll need to market yourself as a valuable problem-solver.
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