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Vol. 11, Issue 08 - February 20, 2012

Tips to help you get out of your job-search rut Abridged: PostMedia News

NEW YORK, NY -- If you know you've got the goods any employer would want but just can't seem to sell them, maybe it's time to look at possible problems with your pitch. Depending on your field and the kind of job you're looking for -- and how long it's been since your last job search -- issues could be anything from outdated resume design to not working your networks efficiently. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid:

Don't engage your network just when you're looking for a job -- Use social media tools to keep in touch with professional contacts. Keep your online profiles up-to-date; be active in your industry associations and attend social events. Don't wait for the job ad -- Find out which businesses are growing and who might be hiring. Contact an organization that interests you even if it doesn't have openings and establish a relationship you can call on when something does come up.

Don't limit yourself to full-time openings -- part-time or contract assignments provide a source of income as well as an opportunity to network and build new skills. They can also lead to full-time job offers. Don't assume they're not interested -- always follow up by email or phone. Don't give canned responses at the interview -- Be prepared to share anecdotes that showcase your skills and personality. Do write a thank-you message. Point out the qualities that make you perfect for the job and say why you're excited about the opportunity.

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