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Vol. 11, Issue 06 - February 6, 2012

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- Whether you're looking to move up or move on - reading business and trade publications lets you move right in to the job of your dreams. They keep you sharp, well informed, articulate and in-demand. It's no secret that keeping up with the news and trends of your industry or profession will give you the competitive edge you need. And now, you can get your trade magazines without having to pay for them.

Through a special offer from The Career News, you can instantly get a subscription to practically every leading industry and business publication. It takes only a minute to search the website to quickly find the magazines matching your skills and interests.

First search by publication title, industry, or geography. Then, pick the magazines you want, fill out a brief online subscription form and press submit. It's really that easy. To sign up now for your free-industry and trade publications, go to TradePub.

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