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Vol. 11, Issue 06 - February 6, 2012

Internet makes job searches much more complicatedAbridged: Times Herald-Record

MIDDLETOWN, NY -- Before the Internet, the typical job search seemed so straight-forward and basic. Craft a resume, peruse the classifieds, seek out a recruiter, apply for the job and wait for the follow-up call or letter. Alternatively, the job seeker might even hand-carry a resume directly to the corporate employment office and perhaps even speak to a real person. Now, the job search is transitioning from paper resumes to online resumes.

Job search components now include online professional profiles like on LinkedIn.com, social networks, resume postings on job boards, use of job search engines, blogs and even video resumes. With the diversity of online resources now available for both the job seeker and hiring manager, make sure you're putting your best face forward. Bear in mind, any competent hiring manager will perform due diligence by verifying your reputation online before inviting you in for an interview. It's a good idea for all job seekers to make sure that there are no online blunders that just might embarrass them. 1 photo = 1,000 words.

An online name check can reveal substantial and potentially damaging information about any job applicant. Such information may include speeding tickets, your blog posts, lawsuits, bankruptcy, custody issues, etc. This information could raise an eyebrow by any hiring manager. Disparaging comments or images can easily compromise your reputation. Being proactive is important for monitoring and managing your online identity to ensure that your image has not been tarnished. Remember, if you can see it, so can a hiring manager.

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