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Vol. 11, Issue 01 - January 02, 2012

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- You've got terrific experience. Your work ethic is superb. You're even willing to be flexible on salary. But after sending your resume to countless, perfectly matched job opportunities, you're just not getting the interviews! Why? It may be hard to believe, but there's a good chance your resume is hurting more than it's helping. With the average employer spending less than 30 seconds scanning each resume, your resume needs to immediately grab the employers attention and stand out over all other applicants.

While acing the interview is best left to you, getting the interview is often best left to a professional resume writer. Easier said than done right? Not everyone can just shell out upwards of $400 or more to have a pro write their resume. But if a professional resume writer would craft your personal masterpiece for less than $50 bucks, would you let them? Well now's the time to do it, because The Career News has arranged that exact deal for our subscribers through a special arrangement with Resume2Hire.

Your new resume is guaranteed to grab an employer's attention while emphasizing your work experience, skills, abilities and achievements. Just fill out their quick and easy online questionnaire, and if you have a current resume, provide a copy of that too. Then within 72 hours, you'll receive your shiny new expertly written resume--guaranteed. Don't let your current resume stand between you and your next interview. At this price you simply can't afford not to. To quickly refresh your resume and to get started under this special deal, go to Resume2Hire today.

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