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Vol. 10, Issue 52 - December 26, 2011

Use your resume to get you noticed Abridged: Business Insider

NEW YORK, NY -- While you might spend hours tweaking your resume, it only takes about 15 seconds for the employer that receives your application to make their decision. If you want to build your resume into something worth a second scan, there are a few things you need to do. Focus Your Content: One size does not fit all. Tailor your resume when possible for each application you send. Online resume builders can help you focus your resume by automatically selecting the content in your resume that best matches to the job description.

Employers don't have time to read a resume full of irrelevant information. Set yourself apart from your competition and give employers what they want to see. Show How You Made An Impact: Employers are used to seeing long lists of responsibilities on resumes. While you should be describing what you did for each work experience point, take it a step further and show how you made an impact. To do this, you should construct every bullet point using STAR format: Situation, Tasks, Action, and Results.

Simplify Your Format: Let the content of your resume have the pizzazz factor, not the format and design. Contrary to popular belief, a simple format and design is preferable to the stylized alternative. Simply formatted resumes are easier for an employer's Applicant Tracking System to scan and accurately categorize. If your resume lands on the employer's desk, an easy-to-read resume will ensure that the employer gets the message.

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