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Vol. 10, Issue 50 - December 12, 2011

Don't criticize your employer during job hunt Abridged: Boston Globe

BOSTON, MA -- After 10 years at a corporate giant, I was downsized in 2006. In 2010, I ended up back at the company in a different capacity. In the nearly two years since, there have been many cutbacks. The job I'm now doing isn't even close to the one I accepted. I feel like a steerage passenger on the Titanic. How do I explain my job hunting to potential employers when they see I'm looking to leave this company, especially in this market?

Answer: Everyone is entitled to look for a better job - even in this economy. Successful job seekers have a plan and a set of job search tools to help them save time and organize their search. They use their search tools and work that plan until they find the right new job. Employers want to hear about what you can do for them, and the contribution you can make, not criticism of the company you currently work for. Hiring managers want to see proof of your capabilities and that you're interested in their job and company.

When you speak with hiring managers or members of your network, just briefly explain why your current role doesn't offer the opportunity to make maximum contributions. Develop an effective resume, and distribute it online. Make sure to post your resume to niche job boards in your industry. Keep in mind, public job boards can put the confidentiality of your search at risk, so always make sure to secure your search and use the confidentiality feature that many boards offer.

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